Michela Pacifici

Postdoc researcher

Phone:+39 0649914759

e-mail: michela.pacifici@uniroma1.it


I joined the Global Mammal Assessment lab in 2011 as a Master student, and my project aimed at identifying the relationships between managed fires and the persistence of ungulates in savannah landscapes. I obtained a PhD degree in Animal Biology in 2016, and the focus of my research is the study of the impacts of climate change on species, in particular terrestrial mammals, by using life-history traits to identify priority species, both in the present and in the future.

I am also actively involved with the Small Carnivore and the Australasian Marsupial & Monotreme Specialist Groups for the ongoing reassessment of mammals.

Professional interests

Life-history traits

Climate change

Conservation priority setting

Large-scale distribution of biodiversity

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