Vincenzo Buono

Research Fellow

I’m a conservation biologist with scientific background in zoology, animal ecology and population genetics with particular interest in amphibians and reptiles.

During my master’s degree in “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management” and my PhD in “Environmental Biology” at Roma Tre University I acquired skills in biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management, and population studies (from an ecological and genetic point of view).

During my PhD, I highlighted the ecological and genetic value of drinking troughs for amphibian conservation in a network of natural and artificial wetlands.

After my training, I have been working in the field of research design and implementation for several years, within different Regional and National parks, being involved in monitoring and conservation projects of native herpetological species. I also gained further skills in trophic ecology and invasion biology. Specifically, I joined a project evaluating the ecology and impact of American bullfrogs and their interactions with native and alien species, managing stomach content and stable isotope analysis.

When I attained the age of reason, I started my working experience at ISPRA. I was actively involved in long term genetic monitoring of Apennine brown bear population and in genetic supervision of captive breeding management of CITES species. Finally, I approached population genomics developing a new SNP panel for parentage analysis in Apennine brown bear.

I have always been a team player and I have worked with multicultural and international teams continuously learning from everyone. I am a quick learner, open-minded and being driven to work hard.