Moreno Di Marco

foto_primopianoMoreno Di Marco, PhD

Current collaborator, and former member (2009-2015) of the GMA lab.

Current Position: Research Scientist, CSIRO Land & Water (Brisbane, Australia). I am also a Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia).

email: moreno.dimarco [at]


Since 2009, I have performed research in Universities and NGOs in Italy, UK and Australia. I completed a PhD in Ecological Sciences at The University Sapienza of Rome, and I am currently a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Queensland. My research interests span across the realms of Conservation Biology and Macroecology. I am interested in the identification of global- and local-scale conservation priorities, using systematic conservation planning techniques and with a focus on international biodiversity targets. I am also interested in global conservation policy and the reciprocal feedback between conservation policy and conservation science. In addition, I am interested in the investigation of biogeographical and macroecological patterns at a global and regional scale, and how these are distorted by human activities. I am generally interested in investigating the effects of human pressure on multiple levels of biodiversity organisation, from the prediction of species extinction risk to the prediction of functional changes in animal communities. Terrestrial mammals represent my preferred study group, also due to my background on large carnivores, but I have broader experience with research projects on terrestrial vertebrates.



After ~7 years of postgraduate research experience in biodiversity conservation and ecology, including the completion of a PhD in July 2013, I have published several scientific articles in some of the top ranked journals in the Web of Science categories of Biodiversity Conservation, Ecology, Environmental Sciences and Biology. I have received grants and prizes from national and international research organisations, and have worked for universities, NGOs, and governmental agencies in Italy, UK and Australia. I have collaborated with tens of research centres worldwide for the preparation of datasets, publications and projects (>100 article co-authors). I am an Handling Editor for the journal Conservation Biology, and a reviewer for >30 international scientific journals.

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