Lisa Tedeschi

PhD Student in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology

About myself

I am Lisa, a joint PhD student of the GMA Lab and the BioInvasions, Global change and Macroecology Group at the University of Vienna. I was born in Bologna (Italy) where I did a B.Sc. in Wildlife management, with a four-month thesis in Serbia on acoustic monitoring of golden jackals. For my M.Sc. I moved to Rome, where I graduated in Ecobiology (M.Sc.); I spent six months in Argentina for my thesis, working on the activity pattern of pampas foxes.

Broadly, I like to explore the challenges that the preservation of biodiversity is posing, applying quantitative methodologies to conservation problems. Besides my research interests, I am also an activist, and I actively support all the minorities. I am involved in book clubs, I deafen my neighbours playing classical guitar, and I love hiking in the nature to deeply enjoy and understand what surrounds us.

About the PhD

My PhD project focuses on invasive mammals in Europe. First, I will review the current knowledge on a subset of highly invasive mammals (those listed in the Union List), to identify possible knowledge gaps and recent advances. Secondly, I will identify the drivers of invasive mammals’ spread in Europe. Lastly, I will apply the ICAT framework to classify the species based on the magnitude of their environmental and socio-economic reported impacts.

The research will be conducted under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Rondinini (GMA), Prof. Franz Essl (BioInvasions, Global change and Macroecology Group, University of Vienna), and Dr. Cèsar Capinha (Centro de Estudos Geográficos, Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território – IGOT, University of Lisbon).

Research interests

  • Invasion ecology
  • Conservation biology
  • Quantitative ecology
  • Macroecology


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