Carmen Soria

PhD Student in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology

About myself

I’m an Early Stage Researcher at the Global Mammal Assessment. My passion for studying wildlife and being outdoors, combined with analytical thinking and the pressing need to preserve our environment, made me pursue a career in Conservation Biology. After obtaining a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Conservation Biology, I acquired fieldwork experience with different animal groups while expanding my analytical and programming skills. I believe that combining field and desk work is of vital importance to understand the world that surrounds us, helping us to identify vulnerable species and their threats.

About the PhD

My PhD project, “Projected effect of global change on species’ change in extinction risk”, is part of the European Training Network Inspire4Nature, an international research training programme on biodiversity conservation. The aim of this project is identifying traits that make species more sensitive to climate change, resulting in an improvement of Red List Assessments and optimization of conservation costs by directing research and protection efforts. The research will be conducted under the supervision of Carlo Rondinini and Michela Pacifici from the Global Mammal Assessment group and Stuart Butchart from BirdLife International.

Research interests

  • Species’ traits
  • Climate change
  • Species modelling
  • Behavioral ecology
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Red list assessment