Global mammal extinction risk reduction

Extinction risk modeling has been a fundamental tool for understanding factors and dynamics determining species’ probability of persistence. However a proper transposition of such a tool in global conservation planning has been lacking for many years. We filled this gap by developing a new metric called “Extinction risk Reduction Opportunity” (Di Marco et al. 2012) that detect threatened mammal species with a biological potential for recovery. We discovered that most valuable areas for an effective minimization of global mammal extinction risk are currently unprotected (Fig. 1).

Global priority areas for mammal extinction risk reductionFig. 1 Priority areas for global mammal extinction risk reduction, with a few example species.

We are now investigating past patterns of species’ decline in order to have a wider temporal view of the mechanisms affecting species’ extinction risk. Through a retrospective definition of species’ threat status we expect to obtain a more complete understanding of the factors influencing species’ threat status deteriorations.

Data structure and availability