Alessandra Maria Bissattini

Research Fellow

About myself

I am a conservation biologist and ecologist with a particular interest in amphibians and reptiles. During and after my time as a student I joined several conservation projects inside and outside Italy. In my early career I was fascinated by marine wildlife, in particular turtles and dolphins. During the years of study, I focused my research interests on freshwater species studying their ecology, behavior, population dynamics and structure. My research has largely focused on invasion ecology and on one of the 100 worst invaders in Europe: the American bullfrog. During my PhD I investigated its ecology and interactions with native (amphibians and snakes) and non-native species (crayfish and fish) through different approaches (stomach content and stable isotope analysis). Another field of my research is bioacoustics (sound recording and playback experiments) and its application to the study of amphibians and their interaction in terms of acoustic niche. My research incorporates statistics, laboratory work, fieldwork, and different study methods to answer specific questions relating to species management and conservation. My work is diverse, interdisciplinary, and collaborative, constantly improved by the people I work with.


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