Alessandra D’Alessio

PhD Student in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology

About myself

I obtained a Bachelor’s  degree in Biological Science with Applied Ecology as my thesis subject. I carried out my Bachelor’s thesis and internship at CREA, the Agriculture Center.

I oriented my studies toward Conservation Biology during my master in Ecobiology. I graduated at  Sapienza University of Rome with a master thesis focusing on the impact of the 2019-2020 Australia mega-fires on the habitat of forest mammals and birds, during which I improved my skills in using GIS (especially GRASS GIS) and R. I I learned more about the IUCN Red List Assessment since I evaluated the possible change in the species threat status due to fires under its criteria.

About the PhD

I am now focusing on the European mammal species. My project “Scenarios of Green Infrastructure expansion to achieve the 2030 European Strategic Objective of Biodiversity” is a part of an Horizon project which aims to build a resilient trans-European nature network of protected areas. My contribution in the project consists in establishing the favourable reference values of mammals listed under Habitat Directive or threatened with extinction. These values can be used to set conservation targets, in order to address the expansion of protected areas. I will also contribute to formulate positive scenarios of Green Infrastructures expansion  ( protected areas useful to improve the connectivity of natural areas and the benefits of nature to people) according to the IPBES Nature Futures Framework.

My PhD is also part of PON projects that involve collaboration with companies, in my case Enel Green Power.